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How It Works

About Omada Works

Omada Works was created as a digital outlet for freelancers. To be more precise, it was designed for writers by writers. We knew that with some effort and creative energy, we could create a community of writers and a channel for them to work.

Since its birth, Omada Works has served as an online job hub for over 700 writers in countries all over the globe. From Kenya to Ireland to here in the States, Omada Works has been there to provide work for virtually anyone behind a computer screen.

How To Use Omada Works

To begin your Omada Works journey, you’ll need to two things: a computer with a viable internet connection and a paypal account.

After filling out your basic profile and accepting our terms & conditions, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. At your dashboard, you’ll find tabs for your current jobs, projects, and history of applied jobs.

At the top menu, you’ll see a link for public jobs. From here, you can access all of the jobs and projects Omada Works has to offer. Once you find a posting you are interested in, you can view the detail and specifics of the job including the pay and requirements for completion. Make sure you read the job description carefully as they are all different.

Once you’ll apply for a job you must wait until one of our editors approves your application. Keep in mind that there may be hundreds of other writers applying for the same job. If another writer applies to the job first or is deemed more suitable for the post, you may not receive the assignment.

How To Get a Increase Your Chances for a Job

There are several ways to increase your odds of getting an assignment. The first of which, is to attach your resume to your profile. With your resume attached, we can get a better understanding of what your abilities are and if they would be a match for the job.

The second thing you should do is attach a cover letter. A cover letter great because it gives us the chance to get to know each of you better. It also gives us a chance to see your writing style.

Omada Works also runs on a 5-star system. After each assignment is handed in, we will grade your work. From there, all of your ratings will be averaged. This serves us well in helping us determine who receives a job and who does not.

You’ve Been Accepted! What Now?

After you receive a job, it’s time to hit the keyboard. Take note of your jobs scheduled due date. If your job is not handed in by your due date, you will lose your job.

Every job has a specific template complete with section descriptions and a word count. Make sure you hit on every aspect the descriptions call our as well as the required word count. If these are not met, your job will not be accepted.

Every job also features a sample of the piece attached to the job. These should serve as a rubric to how your piece should be formatted and created.

When writing your piece, please make sure you watch out for grammar and plagiarism. If plagiarism is indicated, you may be banned from Omada Works services.

Once you submit your job, one of our editors will look over your piece and decide if the quality hits all the marks. If your job is declined and sent back to you, you will have 48 hours to make the suggested edits. If there are any questions, please use the message system in your dashboard to speak with one of our editors.

How Does Pay Work?

Pay is on a per-job basis. Every job has a specific pay amount which can be checked at the jobs detail section.

Writers are paid every Friday through Paypal, pending their work’s acceptance or denial. In order to be paid, you MUST have a Paypal account. There are no exceptions to this.