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Best Chrome Extensions for Work

best chrome extensions for work

Best Chrome Extensions for Work

Anyone working a 9-5 job in 2016 is relying on the internet to accomplish basic tasks. The good news? If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, there are a variety of Chrome extensions that can make your day easier, brighter and more efficient.

We’ll share some of the Chrome extensions that get the most mileage in our office, from gifs to editing software!

Chrome Extensions for SEO

We would be remiss to start with anything other than the best Chrome extensions to aid your SEO! Here at Omada Works, we use a variety of extensions to evaluate our competitors’ and our own SEO value.

Internal SEO Chrome Extensions

For our own sites, the most important tool we have is the Google Analytics Chrome extension.

The Google Analytics extension makes it easy to see an overview of your site’s visitors and explore every page of your site to find any weak spots. With Page Analytics, you’ll be able to see how long people are spending on individual pages, where they’re exiting, and more as you go through the site.

Page Analytics makes it easier to understand your site’s traffic and flow, without having to use the sometimes unclear Google Analytics page. (Sorry, overlords. It’s just not quite there yet.)

One of our favorite tools, Moz, also offers a Chrome extension to make analyzing your work easier. The MozBar extension allows you to see the page and domain authority of any site, including your competitors, at a glance. You can also use their keyword analysis tool on page to see how well you’re doing at optimizing for a specific term.

seo chrome extensions

MozBar also allows you to toggle which metrics appear onpage to show which you find most useful. Your choices include MozRank, MozTrust, Link Metrics, and spam score. Whatever you’re worried about, MozBar will help you identify issues quickly and refocus your efforts to where they count.

External SEO Chrome Extensions

Obviously, the MozBar extension can also be used to help you with competitor analysis. See how you stack up in terms of keyword optimization and authority with their data.

If you don’t already use Moz’s software (highly recommended by Omada!), a free alternative is the SEOquake Chrome extension. SEOquake also displays Alexa Rank (how highly your site ranks among most visited sites globally) and social media counts.

Writing Tools

Chrome extensions offer a number of aids for writing as well. Unfortunately, my personal favorite writing tool, Written Kitten, doesn’t yet work as an extension, but there are a number of other options to help you kickstart a new post or finesse your webcopy.

Grammarly is one of the best options out there for checking your writing for grammar and spelling issues, especially if you don’t have a second pair of eyes on your content. Although Grammarly’s suggestions aren’t always perfect, it does catch a lot of silly mistakes that are hard to see after spending hours working on the same piece. Wrote a word twice? Grammarly will catch it.

grammarly, a writing/editing chrome extension

If you’re writing and editing all of your own content, I would strongly suggest trying out Grammarly. If you download the Chrome extension, you can access Grammarly everywhere on the web, in any open text box. And yes, that includes the text box in Written Kitten.

Development Aids

There are a few Chrome extensions that can help with basic development work as well. Wappalyzer is an extension that can tell you every software and technology being used on a website, from content management systems to Javascript frameworks.

Wappalyzer can help you identify what other sites are using to create their content — and help you create similar resources. If you, for example, are trying to create an interest calculator for home loans on a real estate website, it may be helpful to know how other sites are creating similar tools.

WhatFont is also a useful tool for UI developers and designers. Love the font of a site? Find out what it is by hovering over the text. WhatFont will identify it for you. Even if the identified font is a paid font which you don’t currently have the resources for, it’s easy to find a free dupe font once you know the name of the original.

Great font choices are an underrated part of web experience. Finding a font that fits your aesthetic and is easy on the eyes is important to your website’s user experience.

Focus Aids

Find your eye straying from the task at hand? Try one of the many Chrome extensions that block time wasting websites. I’m a fan of StayFocusd, which recognizes that you need to do at least some goofing off, but limits how much.

Tell the extension how much time you can ‘waste’ and what sites count towards your distraction time to be blocked once your time is up for the day.

You can also try extensions that block your ability to use time wasting sites for a certain period. Focus 45 keeps you on track in 45 minute bursts. A little distraction is key to getting good work done.

Just For Fun

Not every Chrome Extension has to be for work. Here at Omada, we’re big fans of the animatedTabs extension. Opening a new tab or window gets you a new gif, usually funny or cute, every time. Keeping animatedTabs on your browser can keep you powering through even the roughest of days.

The most recent gif I got with animatedTabs.

Looking to do a little more good with your internet browsing? Try out Tab for a Cause, an extension that donates ad revenue on your new tab window to the charity of your choosing. In the first three months of 2016 alone, Tab for a Cause donated nearly $35,000 to various charities supporting education, human rights, water access and ending hunger.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Tab for a Cause and animatedTabs concurrently. I’ve been using Tab for a Cause since it was created in 2013, and continue to use it on my personal laptop. At work? I need the gifs a bit too much to give up.

Do you rely on any Chrome or Firefox extensions to get through your workday? Tell us about them and what we’re missing out on!

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Catherine is a writer and editor with Group Omada. When she's not writing, you can find her at Housing Works Bookstore or listening to mopey music.